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Have fun, support the arts, but don’t fund the problemartists and companies that support regressive, discriminatory and irresponsible legislation, or those artists who remain silent about injustices for profit.

Have fun wisely! Every arts and entertainment dollar you spend, or show you watch, matters!

Does your favorite theater chain support regressive policies and anti-equality politicians? Do you subscribe to entertainment services, whose owner cannot wait to give your money to a politician anxious to vote against you or unions? Is the staff, behind the A&E venue or service, diverse and all-inclusive, including for writing, directing and producing? Find out beforehand where your money will end up.

Artists listed here are working for progress, forward change, all-inclusive policies, #climatechange, education and innovation, healthcare for all, mental well-being, equal pay, equality, animal rights and welfare, child safety and gun control! Stay tuned for more additions to our A&E civic leaders!

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AVOID: Netflix

Netflix CEO support abortion ban AND wants to ensure more filming is done in the state of Georgia to support the abortion ban.

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