Leslé Honoré’s beautiful and amazing poem

It’s not shocking that the primary royal family, behind the Trans-Atlantic slave trade (#SlaveForLife), is racist or uncomfortable with the presence of Meghan Markle. Meghan’s every word and/or look is judged constantly, as if never good enough until completely white.

All Black women experience the same in corporate America, and also while walking, jogging, shopping, sitting in a park, and other other basic activity.

This poem captures it all, the daily lives of countless black women worldwide.

No matter how gentle the Black
How light the skin
How gorgeous the face
How talented the soul
How pure the intentions
They will not protect us
No matter how innocent the life
How secure the birthright
Titles will be stripped
And babies tossed to wolves
Because of a fear of Black skin
They will let a woman drown
In their lies
They will let the darkness
Swallow her
See her reach out for help
And not only turn their backs
But crush her fingers beneath their feet
With hopes she will plummet off the cliff
The why is obvious
The why is consistent
The why is always the same
They want her suffering
Because Blackness
Because she was breathing
While Black
Because her Light
Outshines the white
With her Blackness
They will turn their backs
On their own
Stop taking calls from their
Because of Blackness
And what else should we expect
From the birth place
Of white supremacy
The birth place of slavery
The birth place of the patriarchy
The soul of colonialism
What else should we expect
From a lineage of resilience
Of beauty
Of strength
Of everlasting hope
Her bounce back
Her reboot
Her survival
Catch this #BlackGirlMagic
Catch this brilliance
Catch this happy
Catch this radiance
That not even 1200 years of hate
Can kill
Catch this liberation
Catch this revolution
This World Woman
This Global Majority
Catch all of this
She doesn’t need your titles
She has always been a Queen

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#BlueLivesMatter and #BackTheBlue was destroyed by pro-confederate Cindy Hyde-Smith’s GOP on Feb 13, 2021

GOP confirmed on Feb 13, 2021 that Blue Lives DO NOT matter. Officer Brian Sicknick’s death and the assault on Capitol Hill were responded to with an acquittal of the riot inciter.

Thinking of advertising on Twitter? THINK AGAIN!

Don’t waste money advertising on Twitter. Jack Dorsey should be paying you to promote your goods and services on his white nationalist-based platform.

What #badgradestrump incites is what he puts out: indecency and zero respect.

Below is the type of response that #badgradestrump elicits on a daily basis. This is the legacy of #badgradestrump and the persons who aid and abet him. Decency, integrity, honesty nor respect are never used in the same sentence when describing Trump and his loyal “yes men/women” and fans.

Brilliant! Thumbnails on a few of the sycophants and enablers out the door with Trump — penned by British-Indian novelist Hari Kunzru with descriptive powers akin to Dylan Thomas’:

“Mike Pence you repressed joyless would-be witchfinder, every time you spoke you always looked like you were straining to expel an enormous bolus of your own hypocrisy from your clenched sphincter.

“Betsy DeVos you blandly foolish soulless entitled child-stealing witch, rotting like a corpse inside your Chanel suit.

“All the generals, you spineless buzz-cut phallus-brained plastic Spartans fawning and wriggling to distract yourself from your moral cowardice.

“Kayleigh [McEnany], you evacuated husk of a mean-girl cheerleader, the cavity where your heart once was pumped full of spite and moronic lies.

“Bill Barr you vast pompous pus-filled bladder of casuistry, you are an enemy of justice, bloated with resentment and cruelty, wobbling like a jelly at the feet of the oligarchs.

“Jared Kushner you vacuous dainty preening overpromoted nub of mediocrity, squeezed like an entitled smear of toothpaste into a silk suit bought with tear-stained dollars wrung out of the suffering tenants of your slum apartments.

“Ivanka Trump you monstrous slug of vanity, you infantile ninny so marinaded in self-regard that in your pea brain you believe we ought to love you for your crimes.

“Mike Pompeo, you bubble, you booby, you flatulent zero, that roiling in your ample guts that you mistake for world shaking significance is just the acid reflux of irrelevancy.

“Don Junior, you scabrous single-nostriled unloved elephant-murdering human wreckage, vibrating with bitterness and impotent rage at all the opportunities you’ve squandered.

“Sarah Sanders, you crude hulking beetle-browed bully, working your multiple chins as you masticated another stinking quid of falsity, spitting again and again on the people you were supposed to inform.

“Interlude: all you staffers and interns, so eager to crunch your way in your shiny new work shoes over the bodies of the poor and powerless, I smite you and cast you out one by one.

“Eric Trump, you pallid clammy suppurating nocturnal semi-human grub, your absence of charisma is your only notable trait and the act of flushing you from memory will so be smooth and painless that in a month people will find it hard to picture your moon face.

“Rudy Giuliani, you capering cartoonish skull-faced bag of graft and corruption, too stupid even to ask who’s pulling your strings just so long as you can cake your crusty face in tv make-up and clack your jaw at a camera.

“And of course Stephen Miller, you weeping pustule upon the social body, you dreg, you homunculus, you noxious slime felched from the gaping cavity of Jim Crow, one day may you find yourself walking barefoot across hot sand, desperate for water, crying for your missing child.

“With that I’ll rest a while, and go to find a street corner to dance on.”


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