Our Environment (#climatechange)

Clean energy, renewables, innovation, clean air and water, less dependency upon oil-rich nations, while persons struggle to afford transportation or to heat their homes, as well as #climatechange education.

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#ClimateChange is real. Department of Defense (DoD) has declared #climatechange as our nation biggest threat! Find out more!

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Island Innovation #susdev

Island Innovation #susdev: an occasional e-newsletter to provide original analysis and a digest of overlooked articles on #SustainableDevelopment for #rural #remote #island areas.

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March for Science

“The March for Science is, at its core, a celebration of science. It’s not about scientists or politicians, it is about the very real role

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Before The Flood

Please watch and support “Before The Flood” documentary! Then you’ll discover the importance of the following from “Before The Flood”. Consume Differently! What You Buy.

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