Herstory: Women’s Rights

Women’s Rights is under “Government” category because certain lawmakers, and their lobbyists and donors, can’t seem to stop jumping into uteri, while pretending to be #prolife. Yet, same lawmakers limit pay and rights of women, which would allow women, AND THEIR PRO-CHOICE BORN, to live their lives with less oppressive options.

Meanwhile, POVERTY is the #1 child killer nationwide, and worldwide. Therefore, GOP is not pro-life, but simply pro-corporations, where billions are rewarded and protected annually, for the fraudulent interest of  GOP lobbyists.

Learn while helping #BlackGirlsCode.

Join A Local NOW Chapter

National Organization For Women (NOW) is actively involved in legislation for women and equality!

Join A Local NOW Chapter. Whether you’re male or female, JOIN!! NOW has montly activism night, events in your local area to participate in, and continually helps write state and national legislation on behalf of women and equality and to help stop human trafficking and does so with your direct input and help. Visit www.now.org for more info!

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Meet and support Marie Newman

Meet and support Democrat Marie Newman, who’s running against Dan Lipinski, who consistently votes with GOP against women’s rights. #Election2020 Illinois-Third District

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AVOID: Netflix

Netflix CEO support abortion ban AND wants to ensure more filming is done in the state of Georgia to support the abortion ban.

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AVOID: Hobby Lobby

AVOID: Hobby Lobby. A fake pro-life corporation, which opposes equal pay, while raking in billions, even moreso with #TaxCutsAndJobsAct. Poverty is the number one child killer nationwide and worldwide, however, Hobby Lobby would rather spend billions with fake pro-life lobbyists to tell poor women what to do with their bodies.

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