Jack Dorsey doesn’t want documentation of “obey n-gg-r obey” tweets to “The Blacks”

If anyone is triggered by word “nigger”, see featured tweet (above), which Jack Dorsey personally stated he has ZERO problems with, as well as twitter.com/cocaineriot6, a Kanye West-account and its prolific use of word “nigga/nigger”, which target harasses with hopes of suicide. Or simply see Kanye West’s Niggas/Niggers For Trump, which Jack Dorsey wholly endorses.

Jack Dorsey (Twitter) has a “No documenting ‘Obey Nigger Obey’ tweets to black people” rule, while “obey nigger obey” tweets to those, who aren’t obedient to #badgradestrump and their internalized racists”, are deemed “not a problem”.

So now, I’ll start documenting the Jack Dorsey-approved “Obey Nigger Obey” tweets here, to highlight white nationalist extremists and their lawn jockeys, as well as their #Election2020 targeted harassment practices. Every election year since birthering (lying) #badgradestrump, the “online lynchings” have become more and more severe. Obey their words, fall in line, or feel their wrath. 🙄

But the 12-hour lockout is priceless, given Twitter suspended same account for over a year and a half… wait for it… for being called “nigger”, “cunt”, “liberal diseased bitch” (and I used to be a GOP member), “stupid”, and more, while receiving death and bomb threats, AND after Scott Baio’s wife, Renee Baio, uploaded my personal property to her Twitter account, with my name and address, THEN advised her fans to target me. Jack Dorsey’s response: I see no problem with Renee Baio’s actions, because addresses can be found online. FBI saw a problem with it. 🤨

And the lockout is priceless, because I’m only on Twitter about once a week, for… wait for itevidence of targeted harassment and internally targeting of my account. But that won’t stop “obey nigger obey” reports to Twitter Support. If #BlackLivesMatter actually matters to Jack Dorsey, my BLACK VOICE wouldn’t be targeted and harassed on Jack Dorsey’s platform, instead of #BlackLivesMatter being just a facade for investors and clueless advertisers.

I wouldn’t miss Twitter if it disappeared tomorrow. 🙄 Twitter hasn’t helped our nation, but has helped to inspire white nationalism, failing up (including with verified accounts), and inferior intellect, all of the things Jack Dorsey represents.

Thus, the in-progress, federal lawsuit against Twitter for various civil rights violations and unfair targeting of my account during 2016 and 2020 election year.

Below are only two of the recent “obey nigger obey” tweets (white nationalists tweets targeting the voice of black women, to advise that their words are unacceptable, and that their words need to be more comforting to white nationalists, i.e., “be like Candace Owens for their comfort”). And note, the accounts are consistently, nameless accounts, which are directly associated with white nationalist Jack Dorsey. No screen captures needed for the two tweets below, as Jack Dorsey allows their incessant “obey nigger obey” tweets, which will be a permanent part of Twitter history and #Election2020 history, and a victory for Jack Dorsey’s Jim Crow Benefactor and white nationalist friends and associates.

  1. https://twitter.com/CrazyOldMaid/status/1315014236872019969
  2. https://twitter.com/PAgalinOK/status/1314976251476664320oh the irony, and its own tweet has been added. But this isn’t their first “obey nigger obey” tweet to me or others. The account is filled with trolling of black people, while its followers and persons it follows are the same white nationalist garbage associated with all of the other “obey nigger obey” tweeters.

Why is that election year, black people are considered ONE VOTE, not individual voters, who should be treated as INDIVIDUALS, who are FREE to make their own election decision, instead of being targeted to vote for white supremacy, and then targeted for NOT supporting white supremacy?

And #Blexit, #walkaway, #blacksfortrump, #blackvoicesfortrump just LOVE to throw out, “Democrats are the party of slavery”, but here’s why they’re not connecting with black voters, and why, collectively, they should simply change their name to “Internalized Racists For #badgradestrump“: THEY’RE OVERLOOKING what they’re standing with, and for, TODAY: WHITE SUPREMACY. We’re not looking at plantations, but same ‘ol, same ‘ol white supremacy of Jim Crow era, which dominates today’s GOP.

Candace Owens and her kind have dismissed and excused Charlottesville, including the now infamous “very fine people” comment. “Very fine people” DO NOT MARCH WITH NEO-CONFEDERATES AND NEO-NAZIS NOR HEATHER HEYER’S KILLER! Candace Owens and her kind have scrutinized President of Harvard Law Review, President Obama, as “not good enough”, but welcomed, with open arms, a lying birther, adulterous, money laundering, piss-poor grades fraud, #badgradestrump, who has a love child via adultery. #badgradestrump is so incredibly foul, that he cannot show his grades, his tax returns, financial records, nor backstage audio during “The Apprentice” productions. And what has been revealed, “Access Hollywood”‘s “grab ’em by the pussy” audio, rape cases, including an active one from E. Jean Carroll, fraud, fake businesses, fake university, serial bankruptcies, hush-money payments (to a porn star, a Playboy Bunny, etc.) after adultery, and more, are all excused by blaming a Democrat or calling the factual revelation “fake news” simply set up to harm their beloved master, #badgradestrump. GTFOH!


  1. What #blacksfortrump, #blackvoicesfortrump, #Blexit, #walkaway” won’t ever address, while calling black voters, who won’t fall in line behind #badgradestrump, “sheep”: https://www.ourwhirl.com/blue-states-the-states-conservatives-prefer-to-live-in/.
  2. Candace Owens, racist Andrew Jackson and her beloved master, #badgradestrump: https://www.ourwhirl.com/candace-owens-for-her-beloved-trump/.
  3. Candace Owens’ master (“obey nigger obey” folks): https://www.ourwhirl.com/candace-owens-masters-answer-for-her/.
  4. Actual live examples of “obey nigger obey” tweets: https://www.ourwhirl.com/candaceo-owners.
  5. Challenge issued for Negroes for #badgradestrump. If they want my black vote, here’s what I need to see from them: https://www.ourwhirl.com/w/status/7-7-1592348153 / https://twitter.com/tamranyc/status/1273010203135553537. However, “blacks for trump” have NEVER reached out to black voters. It’s a cult that persons are already a part of. There’s no campaign to directly engage actual black voters. And if there’s an event to speak before black voters, Candace Owens won’t answer questions FROM black voters, she simply wants to talk down to us black voters, as if she’s smarter and wiser, while sounding like she’s lost her ever-loving, internalized racist mind, by placating literal white supremacists, including Tony Perkins.
  6. Every. Single. #blacksfortrump, #walkaway, #blackvoicesfortrump, #Blexit member has wholly admitted that they’ve never seen Mike Pence’s pro-kkk voting record, while calling black voters, who won’t fall in line behind them, “sheep”. I have actually seen Pence’s voting record, which actually pays homage to Indiana kkk grand dragon, DC (David Curtiss Stephenson), and has always been a template for “religious right to hate”.
  7. Candace Owens' #Blexit's master, Tony PerkinsSeveral #blacksfortrump, #walkaway, #blackvoicesfortrump, #Blexit have publicly admitted that they don’t know who Tony Perkins is (a cabinet member, of #badgradestrump, who funded David Duke), nor won’t admit to Sons of confederate Vets-kkk-Strom Thurmond, who raped and impregnated his black teen maid and found time to write The Southern Manifesto, an outline for hate, written in between Thurmond’s incessant protesting against civil and voting rights. Thurmond denounced Democratic party President, Lyndon B. Johnson, for both Civil and Voting Rights Acts, and Thurmond jumped into GOP to protest AND work against civil and voting rights, lifelong, his “obey nigger obey” policies.
  8. Thurmond AND Perkins have shaped today’s GOP into what it is today: for and about white supremacy. But all #blacksfortrump, #walkaway, #blackvoicesfortrump, #Blexit can throw out, Robert Byrd, while living klan members and white supremacists actually exist in today’s GOP, persons #blacksfortrump, #walkaway, #blackvoicesfortrump, #Blexit EXCUSE and PLACATE.

The Jack Dorsey-directed, “bad non-obeying nigger, bad nigger” lockout (below)… but I only need to use Twitter to document targeted harassment from the white nationalists, who drag Candace Owens off their lawn, to speak their words.

See you in federal court, Jack Dorsey, as the above is more easy evidence…

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# 🤨 Interesting "The Federalist" pops up for "obey nigger obey" search. Speaks volumes given The Federalist and Jack Dorsey are on the same white nationalist, white supremacist team.
13 October 2020 6:01pm

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