Kevin Hart should host The Oscars 2019


Kevin Hart apologized ENOUGH, and he’s apologized more than Hollywood, including @TheAcademy/#OSCARS, apologized for OVERLOOKING non-whites for work, nominations & awards. Also #LGBT had to even “hide” in Hollywood, so Hollywood IS also to blame for ignorance towards LGBT. Even I didn’t understand or know anything about LGBT community, BUT I treated people the same based upon their character (integrity, heart, how they treated others) & respected LGBT the same as all, unlike @TheAcademy towards non-whites, esp. LGBT non-whites in front OR behind the camera. Let. Kevin. Host. #KevinHart

And 👏🏾 every 👏🏾 single 👏🏾 #LGBT Jim Crow Benefactor should be apologizing to Kevin Hart AND for @TheAcademy’s treatment of non-whites: one could HIDE their lesbian or gay status AND work, while non-whites were (and still are) denied upon sight! For example, Ellen DeGeneres was fired when she came out. LET KEVIN HOST!!

And let’s count then number of movies about history of #LGBT AND non-whites in Hollywood, even while Ellen was starring on her own show, which she was subsequently fired from for coming out (a/k/a being who she is, being honest)???

Hollywood consistently ignored movies about:

  • Harvey Milk (before Sean Penn),
  • Stonewall uprising,
  • Emmett Till (count motion pictures done???),
  • Rosewood, Florida, and
  • Tulsa, Oklahoma 1921 race riot.

And here’s how Hollywood treats a movie about the history of non-whites in this country. Look at WHAT won an Academy Award for Mississippi Burning: the friggin’ cinematography. The Academy’s response to “Mississippi Burning“: the cinematography was more important than the movie, the direction, the actors, or the supporting actors. 😲 WHAT. THE. F**K??!!

And here’s The Oscars’ response to “Rosewood” movie, which is of historical and educational significance. The Academy’s response completely contrasts their response to Schindler’s List.

Now, let’s play for Find The Academy Nods for Rosewood… can you find The Oscar for Rosewood???? We’re STILL looking for one!!

Dear The Motion Picture Academy: Name this guy AND the movie about him.

And let’s see if The Academy (Oscars) even knows WHO this guy is, OR how many Oscars were won for a major film about him?? Here’s a friggin’ hint:

Yea, let Kevin Hart HOST!!

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