Michael Lyles and Chris Armstrong’s election #misinformation and ignorance

Michael Lyles runs a Facebook group called “Black Contributors to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math)”. However, lately Michael Lyles and member Chris Armstrong repeatedly post negative information about U.S. Senator Kamala Harris, while “lashing” others to “fall in line”, and obey their self-taught nonsense, same as white nationalists’ “obey nigger obey” online trolling.

Factual information from persons, who have either lived all over our country, or have direct experience with #badgradestrump, is dismissed or ignored, while being told to OBEY Master Trump (via Chris Armstrong, who’s very serious). However, sometimes in black groups like this, they’re infiltrated by white nationalists, who STILL believe, that if you get one black person to say something ridiculous and/or untrue, all black people will fall in line, because we’re assumed to be non-thinking people who need to be told what to think. 🙄

Well, that didn’t work with me (obedience to Chris Armstrong nor his master, #badgradestrump). Chris Armstrong and Michael Lyles have also never seen the congressional voting record of Mike Pence, nor his bills authored, while calling black Democrats “blind sheep.” But, prior to Pence sealing his extremist voting record and pro-kkk emails, I have seen Mike Pence’s voting record and bills authored, and have receipts of correspondence to Pence’s office about his extremist voting record and policies. And when I speak, it’s from experience, NOT from memes nor rhetoric. And $20… bucks, neither Michael Lyles nor Chris Armstrong will understand the featured image above of Mike Pence speaking before ALEC. Here’s a “Trayvon Martin” hint for them.

The following was posted as a reply to Chris Armstrong after he dismissed initial facts about his master, #badgradestrump. Chris Armstrong didn’t comprehend the sarcastic way my facts were presented, and he actually liked, THEN praised my response as “you’ve learned to obey now, nigger/bitch, my work here is done.” His comprehension is/was so bad, he didn’t understand one “concerned for your mental health” reaction (a hug, because if Chris Armstrong is actually black, someone failed to hug him), but assumed it was adoration for his fucked up words towards women especially: “obey bitches obey, and don’t speak unless I give you permission.” Chris will go far in life, while sitting on #badgradestrump’s lawn. 😐

After this waste of time, I posted a new post to group. Michael Lyles screens posts (censoring) and decides what gets posted, thus all of Lyles’ anti-Kamala Harris posts in between his spotlighting of African-American contributions to STEM.

This is beyond disturbing. I’ve only seen this from white nationalists, or Jim Crow Benefactors previously. But it’s proof that no matter how much we accomplish as black people, we’re now so far disconnected, including from WHO the actual problem is, while placating the problem. 😳

Many are so focused on “which white man is best for us”, that, had decades ago, if we put our OWN resources and talent together, THAT would be an after thought, or no thought at all. We’d be head of the table, w/ “no thanks, we’re good” options, instead of being exploited as usual, every 4-years, while our tax dollars are jacked first. Hell, we could have had our own currency and economy, not like we didn’t do it before!

Learn to read voting records, not just memes or pieces of rhetoric passed on. I read Mike Pence’s voting record when he was in Congress. And I have documented receipts of correspondence questioning his extreme policies. And look at Indiana, including its “religious right to hate”.

And rhetoric nor a meme isn’t a cabinet member making policy. Council of Conservative Citizens Tony Perkins was chosen for #badgradestrump cabinet. Words of folks besides Southern Poverty Law Center (and me) chiming in on that years ago: –>             <–. 😐

Look at persons who are w/ in #badgradestrump’s cabinet, and what he’s doing now, and daily: bitching on Twitter while getting nothing accomplished. Don’t we see that in offices daily: certain persons can be as lazy as they want while failing up, while others are held accountable, or simply targeted for doing their actual job?

It’s a sad day to hear folks in this group calling folks “stupid”, especially a black man talking down to a black woman, as if she knows nothing, has zero experience to speak. We get that shit enough on the job. And same folks who claim to be soooo woke for #badgradestrump, never bothered to view Pence’s Congressional voting record and bills authored (exclusively w/ Steve King (Iowa) and Michele Bachmann) while he was in office, or even know history of Indiana (first official kkk chapter). His bills and voting records are so vile and extreme, along with his emails, they’re sealed from public view.

If we all survive the next year, get out and tour actual red states, not just the main areas near confederate monuments, but the rural areas (if that’s even safe). THEN, visit Vermont or John Brown’s area in upstate New York and see what was and still is denied elsewhere. Stop acting like guests in your own country, waiting for the host to offer you a seat at the table you built!

I did travel this country extensively, and discovered who really is on our side, and who isn’t.

Mitch McConnell's Kentucky after being in office since 1984Or try and do a visual tour now, especially of Kentucky (pictured kentucky.com/news/local/education/article241294606.html), while McConnell is one of the wealthiest in the nation, but with highest government dependency/welfare use in nation AMONG WHITES.

And it’s funny, I logged into Facebook to see a family member, saw a post from here, then realized…. oh wait, THIS kind of anti-Kamala Harris stuff is supposed to be here, it’s Jim Crow Benefactor, BILLIONAIRE’s Mark Zuckerberg’s network, and this benefits him more than us.

Tamra Cronin

One thing is official. We’re no longer a black race of people. We’re now officially INDIVIDUALS, free to follow and support whomever we want, INDIVIDUALLY One day, white nationalists will understand this and stop grouping us as if we live in one house, one city, or one economic area! 🙄

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