An open letter to the Satilla Shores Ga. Community and the residents of Glynn County!

Republished Via @reeducation (Jay Salter)

An open letter to the Satilla Shores, Georgia community, and the residents of Glynn County!

At first, it sickened me as parent and a human being, to think that on February 24th, you were not outraged.

Outraged, that one of your own would hunt down another human being, and shoot them like an animal in the street in the middle of the day, in broad day light.

It outraged me that you allow an ignorant public servant to represent you to the world as a heartless community. I believe that some of you don’t condone what happened to Ahmaud Arbery, or the pain it has caused his Mother, on Mother’s Day 2020.

It outraged me that you were not outraged!

In a land that you expect me to respect, love and cherish, in reality, is nothing but a bunch of spineless, heartless people called YOU! You show no better, because you know no better, but you save your outrage for Kapernick, for his disrespect of a flag that represents You!

I am outraged that you expect me to be less than a man, and watch my children grow up in fear as they are hunted and killed for sport! I am outraged that you believe a human life is worth saving the value of your $200,000 homes! I am outraged because, Glynn County Sheriff E. Neal Jump thinks he can insult our humanity by making these statements, “If that was my son, I’d be upset. I can only imagine what the mother and dad are going through.” Sheriff Jump, I am outraged that you didn’t feel that way in February when the modern-day lynching occurred!

I am outraged because I believe that human beings should care about other human beings. I am outraged, that all my life, I have had to live and co-exist with people like You! You, who really expect me to stand for a flag that refuses to protect me from domestic terrorism.

“Outrage is a strong moral emotion characterized by a combination of surprise, disgust, and anger, usually in reaction to a grave personal offense.”

In reality Outrage is an emotion and reaction I will no longer carry, as it pertains to your inhumane behavior; it should belong to you!

I now understand after 61 years on this earth, your silence defines your ignorance, your lack of humanity, and your lust for power and greed.

I refuse to be that dude!

Community and the residents of Glynn County, Outrage is your only salvation, anything less will be your Hell!


-Jay Salter
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