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AVOID: Google

Google is using technology built by non-racists for racist ideologists! Sign this petition demanding that Google fire Miles Taylor, a key advocate for Trump’s racist Muslim Ban and family separation policy.

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Facebook and links

We are aware of the problem and have reached out to Facebook, which has advised they’re working on the technical problem. Even more strange is white nationalist content still allowed on Facebook, after it’s supposed ban of white nationalist content.

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Island Innovation #susdev

Island Innovation #susdev: an occasional e-newsletter to provide original analysis and a digest of overlooked articles on #SustainableDevelopment for #rural #remote #island areas.

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AIT (Advanced Internet Technologies, Inc.)

STOP! Before you fall for another GoDaddy ad, especially while calling yourself a patriot who supports vets, AIT is veteran owned AND operated, and whatever you need to start or further your online business or personal project, AIT has EVERYTHING you need!

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