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Irony: still searching for a law enforcement union that isn’t afraid to speak up for equal pay and rights of others (race, gender, religion, LGBT, disability), especially given so many spoke up for the union rights of law enforcement and teachers in Wisconsin. You’d think there’d be countless law enforcement unions on this list, if their motto is to “protect and serve all”.

Even more disturbing is this from nation’s largest police union, which backs a pro-white nationalist candidate:

Here's What the Biggest Police Union Wants From Trump

A return to racial profiling and deporting immigrants: The Fraternal Order of Police has a plan for Trump's first 100 days.

    Mother Jones

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AVOID: Glamour Magazine

Boycott Glamour Magazine for honoring an actual rape abetter, Linda Fairstein, who savagely prosecuted CHILDREN for being black and in the park after dark, knowing they had nothing to do with a savage and brutal rape.

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“The Other Blue Nation (Must Read)”

Reprint from 2014: LC is a couple-decades-in police officer in the suburban New York area. He wanted to take issue with one of my points, a central point, in my post about Michael Brown from a few weeks ago: that Darren Wilson’s grand jury version of events simply wasn’t credible.

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