“You Ain’t Black!”

Just had a talk with four “blacks for trump”, none of them know each other, all are in four different areas of US.

They all repeat/repeated the same thing, word for word, while calling others, who won’t join them, “SHEEP” or “SHEEPLE”.

Most common thing repeated by “blacks for trump”: “Dems are the party of kkk”, “Dems do nothing for blacks” (see below about this), and they believe the answer for blacks is CONSERVATIVES (voter suppression), with audacity to throw out Dr. Martin L. King, Jr.’s name. Don’t waste time asking them why Dr. King was killed, they’ll spin that too.

Several things make “blacks for trump” extremely flawed, and of inferior intellect, with their repetitive and parroted, “Democrats are party of kkk.”

First, is their refusal to acknowledge that they’re standing with kkk today, or even JIM CROW BENEFACTORS! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fULPlGwjJMA

Jim Crow Benefactors

Jim Crow Benefactors are persons who migrated to US during Jim Crow FOR Jim Crow/whites only. They may not have flown confederate flags, but they segregated themselves from blacks, took advantage of whites-only jobs, housing, education, public services, AND VOTING. During Jim Crow, blacks who fought for this country during World War II, were treated as servants, for Jim Crow Benefactors, who never stood in solidarity against Jim Crow/whites only, but relished in the privileges of it and helped enforce the policies, often with violence. (WWII Veteran Harvey E. Clark, Jr. – https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=881512145211611&id=140162739346559)

Meanwhile, Jim Crow-era white migrants, such as Al Capone, were treated with more respect in all aspects of public life. Al Capone’s advice for living, “vote early, vote often”, while celebrated as a “hero”, “role model”. However, World War II Veteran Medgar Evers was denied the right to vote, housing, jobs, education and use of public facilities, including after defending his country during World War II. Black WWII veterans were denied use of GI Bill, which gave many Jim Crow Benefactors housing, jobs, education, and more.

Not all Jim Crow-era white migrants were Jim Crow Benefactors, but those who are, and their descendants, are clearly identified by their “tyranny” and anti-equality cries. “The blacks”, nor any non-whites, were and are never part of their conversation, other than in hateful, bigoted, and poorly educated ways.

Democrats during Jim Crow were led by Sons of confederate Vets/kkk-Strom Thurmond (raped/impregnated his black teen maid) and Carl Vinson. Both Thurmond and Vinson wrote the Southern Manifesto, the klan outline for hating blacks and segregation forever.

Persons who refused to sign the confederate-Southern Manifesto declaration: Albert Gore, Sr. and Lyndon B. Johnson, who became lifelong enemies of the kkk.

DEMOCRAT Lyndon B. Johnson signed Civil and Voting Rights Acts (1964 & 1965), making him the ultimate enemy of confederates/kkk who would never agree to EQUALITY, nor CIVIL or VOTING RIGHTS — see the voter suppression acts of GOP today, especially Georgia’s Brian Kemp. Your VOTE is your power! Who’s working overtime to prevent voting rights and options for a FAIR VOTE and FAIR MAPS? Today’s Strom Thurmond-GOP is, with silence from “blacks for trump”!

President Abraham Lincoln wanted to remove confederates from our country. He personally saw their hearts and evil, and knew confederates would never accept non-whites as equals or even human, and over 650,000 Civil War dead confirm confederates’ evil. The day after President Lincoln’s assassination and assassination attempt of abolitionist William Seward, blacks were to be granted civil rights, but denied under confederate sympathizer, Andrew Johnson, who gave rise to confederates’ child, the kkk.

Jump to 1965, Sons of confederate Vets/kkk-Thurmond and other klan, minus Robert Byrd, switched to GOP, to protest AGAINST EQUALITY, VOTING AND CIVIL RIGHTSwhat “blacks for trump” will never acknowledge, while throwing out “sheeple” and “sheep”. The result of Thurmond, Jesse Helms and other klan, Dixiecrats and white separatists switching to GOP, is what we see today: anti-equality legislation, confederate/nazi flags at pro-trump rallies, and voter suppression tactics (Florida Ron DeSantis, Georgia Brian Kemp).

Robert Byrd, who quit and denounced kkk, has become part of a standard false rhetoric, meme featuring Hillary Clinton, with Byrd in full klan robe.

Now, “blacks for trump”, doing as told from their new masters, have switched from Hillary and Byrd, to Joe Biden and Byrd rhetoric, anything to distract from facts, while calling others “sheep”.

“Democrats don’t do anything for blacks”

Are #BlacksForTrump #BlacksForTrump #WalkAway #Blexit looking for a handout? Because… WHO SAID ANYONE HAD TO DO SOMETHING FOR US???!!! WE KNOW what we are capable of doing, HELL WE’VE DONE IT!! And what we HAVE done, is erased, with ignorance, violence and destruction, from Jim Crow Benefactor history, and erased with ignorant, hatriot pride. Black Wall Street (Tulsa, OK, destroyed by savages); Rosewood, Florida (destroyed by savages); countless cannot-live-without inventions; medical firsts; media firsts; aviation firsts; and more, are all part of our black history. Even lynching of blacks is erased from past and current history. Jim Crow Benefactors don’t want to know our good, nor their attempts to physically erase our existence, while “blacks for trump” placate their masters’ decision to rewrite OUR history, so that “blacks for trump” can sit at the same table as inferior intellect Jim Crow Benefactors.

While factual black history is ignored, this is the revisionist history of GOP Jim Crow Benefactors (Breitbart, The Federalist, Daily Caller, Fox News, Info Wars, Gateway Pundit, and the usual alternative “facts” crowd), history nodded to by “blacks for trump”, with allegiance expectations from all others: https://nymag.com/intelligencer/2012/05/conservative-fantasy-history-of-civil-rights.html

Jim Crow Benefactors, and their parrots, are the same folks who turn around and say, “you must assimilate to my values.” Please explain what those values are, and explain them while pointing to matching areas of US Constitution that says we MUST adhere to their beliefs and become their clones or pacifiers. Jim Crow Benefactors can never adhere to US Constitution, while telling others what to do as, if they’re the owners and builders of our Native American country.

And WHO’S ASKING FOR SOMETHING OTHER THAN EQUAL OPPORTUNITIES AND JUSTICE AS OTHERS, the opportunities and justice even denied by #impeachedtrump himself? Your hard work should speak for itself. But ask a black employee, and see if their hard work matters as much as their Jim Crow Benefactor counterpart? Or you should have the same right to be as inferior intellect, mediocre, as #impeachedtrump, AND succeed with organized criminals, countless bankruptcies, money laundering, fake businesses for fraud, adultery with a love child, and child sex trafficking, while trashing others, including a black President of Harvard Law Review, who actually worked hard!

What “blacks for trump” NEVER focus on, while parroting their masters:

What IS Needed, While “Blacks For Trump” Stand With And For Jim Crow Benefactor Roadblocks

EQUAL OPPORTUNITY without being road-blocked, or zoned out because of skin color! Inequality is the Jim Crow Benefactor’s weapon of choice. The less options made available, the less chances of survival, which is the general and vocal goal of many Jim Crow Benefactors. Perfect example of an option available to Jim Crow Benefactors in general and always: VENTURE CAPITAL INVESTING (free money). The extent of the reach of venture capitalists into non-white areas and culture, is about as short as a klansman’s comprehension of non-whites. The culture of companies is a result of white, male only venture capital investing. Venture capital funds are raised both privately and through FDIC banks, which have an equal opportunity clause. But rarely is venture capital funding EQUAL, especially for urban areas, which also includes persons with ideas and must have inventions.

Show And Tell Time For “Blacks For Trump”

Ask a “black for trump” to name a BLACK CEO or CFO, who has EVER worked for a company of #impeachedtrump. They’ll deflect to “that’s not important”, or name some nonsense political cabinet member, which is NOT an #impeachedtrump company, while the cabinet member named is just a rubber stamp for #impeachedtrump, has zero authority other than to do as told, speak as told. But “blacks for trump” first talking point to join their cult, “Democrats don’t do nothing for blacks” or “Plantation Joe”.

Show “blacks for trump” how much #impeachedtrump’s family hated blacks: https://twitter.com/nowthisnews/status/1115447993195360257 — they’ll deflect to a link from Laura Ingraham, yes, Laura Ingraham, the ULTIMATE example of a Jim Crow Benefactor.

Show “blacks for trump” #impeachedtrump’s contempt for Native Americans, which matches #impeachedtrump’s love for the ultimate anti-Native American, pro-slaver, racist, and vile creep Andrew Jackson. Parallel that to white nationalist/separatist David Duke’s stomping for #impeachedtrump, after establishing a white nationalist base in Russia decades ago. All of which is ignored by “blacks for trump”, while advising persons to “wake up”, and join them.

David Duke has taken his crusade against Jews and non-Europeans to Russia, which he now sees as “the key to white survival.”


Show “blacks for trump” a photo of one of the most extremist, anti-black, vile persons on earth, Tony Perkins, an #impeachedtrump cabinet member. That doesn’t matter to “blacks for trump”, while proudly saying, “Democrats are the party of kkk” and “Democrats don’t do anything for blacks.” https://www.splcenter.org/fighting-hate/extremist-files/individual/tony-perkins | https://www.splcenter.org/search?keyword=tony+perkins

Meanwhile, KENTUCKY under GOP’s Mitch McConnell, since 1984: highest welfare use in nation, highest government dependence in nation, and in predominately white Owsley County (95% white, 99% GOP), while McConnell, and his former Labor Secretary wife, are two of wealthiest persons in country.


We don’t support our own businesses. Starting with “blacks for trump”! More “blacks for trump” buy from their confederate and Jim Crow Benefactor masters, then turn around and blame Democrats. “Blacks for trump” are the first ones to sit back and complain about, or ignore, the “negro that got himself killed” while jogging (Ahmaud Arbery), sitting at home playing video games with nephew (Atatiana Jefferson), sitting at home after working as a financial officer (Botham Jean), buying toy for child in Jim Crow Benefactor-owned-Walmart (John Crawford III), or being chased by a cop assaulting, savage named George Zimmerman (Trayvon Martin).

“Blacks for trump” aren’t trying to hear US blacks, they’re simply preaching to us to join their cult, to “wake up” and join their #impeachedtrump cult, while calling others sheep.

Sorry, “blacks for trump”, “I’s read nah, and I’s reads” voting records of the same GOP-Jim Crow Benefactors you’re negating Dr. King’s AND Malcolm X’s history with! Malcolm’s philosophy: build our own, as we’ll never be accepted by Jim Crow Benefactors as equals, then see who needs whom. Dr. King’s philosophy: equality, equal civil and voting rights, equal education, equal jobs, equal housing, equal public services, equal healthcare. Meanwhile, not one “blacks for trump” knows about Mike Pence’s extremist voting record, while literally calling me, and others who won’t “join them”, “SHEEP“. I’m well familiar with Mike Pence’s congressional voting record, as I wrote to Pence’s office (not sitting on sidelines like “blacks for trump”, waiting for someone to do something for us) about his pro-klan/segregation bills authored with extremist/white separatist Steve King (Iowa) and Michele “pray away the gay” Bachmann.

If “blacks for trump” were familiar with Mike Pence’s voting record, they wouldn’t be “blacks for trump”, and would have been outraged at the selection of the ultimate kkk, Maurice Bessinger-religious right to hate, Mike Pence as VP. “trump-Pence” is a literal all-klan ticket. “Blacks for trump” have also excused #impeachedtrump’s extremist, racist father AND mother, and the pro-Jim Crow values taught to their children.

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