2019 Ragamuffin Parade, Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, NY

So many kids in great costumes, and yayyyy Fort Hamilton High School had some new great and jammin’ tunes! Great time had by all, and thanks to all who participated and attended this year, who make the event memorable yearly. For more info on the annual event, visit: https://ragamuffinparadebayridge.org/.

All images and videos (below) are in marching order. Click any image to view gallery.

2019 Bay Ridge Ragamuffin Parade, Brooklyn, NY, the kids’ prequel to NYC’s Halloween Village Parade


New York Naval Cadet Corps – 2019 Ragamuffin, Bay Ridge, Brooklyn

Fort Hamilton High School – 2019 Ragamuffin, Bay Ridge, Brooklyn

A train full of super heroes… again, cuteness overload!

The show we missed in block before us. Santa’s dancers danced to a variety of Christmas tunes. And hoping this year, Santa actually delivers the hybrid Ferrari I requested. We. Shall. See.
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