WHIRL FAQ and How To’s

Community Participation:

We encourage members to participate in community, whether it's posting a new activity, or interacting with other activity updates. All voices FOR our nation matter and are not censored, nor do we promote one activity over another. Whatever members choose to like, share or interact with more, will be their choice, unlike a couple of other social media sites, which endorse and promote propaganda, including from everything our nation has fought against.

Certain community members have a verified account status. Here's a list of verified statuses you may see while interacting with others.

Our WHIRL Verified Account Statuses

Our WHIRL Verified Status Official ourwhirl.com® WHIRL Team member.
Our WHIRL Verified Status VIP Member. Original team members, site contributors, and persons who make us just stand back in awe of them, as without them and their contributions for all, our day-to-day lives would be a lot less fortunate.
Our WHIRL Verified Status Red Carpet Member. Entertainment - TV/cinema, singer, producer, director, song/screen writer, actor/actress, dancer, choreographer, legendary artist, icon and more, BUT also helping move our country forward TOGETHER for ALL.
Our WHIRL Verified Status Verified Activist. They're literally risking their lives daily for civil rights for all.
Our WHIRL Verified Status Market Verified Business. Seller who has verified their seller's information.
Our WHIRL Verified Status Prominent Environmental Activist.
Our WHIRL Verified Status Verified animal rescuer, service or organization.
Our WHIRL Verified Status Verified military member, veteran or organization.
Our WHIRL Verified Status Prominent LGBTQ activist, leader or organization.
Our WHIRL Verified Status Technology, Innovation, Educator. Prominent technology firms, verified investors and educators.
Our WHIRL Verified Status Verified Employer or Job Recruiter.
Our WHIRL Verified Status Verified journalist, prominent blogger, photographer.
Our WHIRL Verified Status Important Information. A MUST follow for important information which will affect our day-to-day-lives.
Our WHIRL Verified Status Favorite Member. Admired by Our WHIRL and/or admired by others because of their work, accomplishments, contributions to others, inspiring story and other positive reasons.
Our WHIRL Verified Status Very Inspiring Contributor. A WHIRL Contributor who uplifts us at times when we need it most!
Our WHIRL Verified Status Featured WHIRL Member of the Month. Once a month, we will feature a member's profile. Find out more about them, as there's an important reason we're featuring that person! You never know, it just may be you!!

Special Formatting:

You may add special formatting within your WHIRL post(s). Here are some examples:

**enter your text here** EXAMPLE: **hello** DISPLAYS: hello

*enter your text here* EXAMPLE: *hello* DISPLAYS: hello

~~enter your text here~~ EXAMPLE: ~~hello world~~ DISPLAYS: hello world

> text to quote (space required after ">") EXAMPLE: > quoted text DISPLAYS:

quoted text

Quoted line(s) with space between paragraphs:

> (type space after ">" for empty line EXAMPLE: >
> next line/paragraph to quote EXAMPLE: > More quoted text


Quoted text

More quoted text

To create a headline, format/type as follows:

#(space)Headline 1 text

Example: # Headline 1 Text DISPLAYS:

Headline 1 Text

##(space)Headline 2 text EXAMPLE: ## Headline Text DISPLAYS:

Headline 2 Text

Use ### for Headline 3, #### for Headline 4, ##### for Headline 5, and ###### for Headline 6

To create a bullet list, format/type as follows:
*(space)bullet list item

* bullet list item
* bullet list item
* bullet list item


  • bullet list item
  • bullet list item
  • bullet list item

To create a numbered list, format/type as follows:
1.(space)numbered item

1. numbered item
2. numbered item
3. numbered item


  1. numbered item
  2. numbered item
  3. numbered item

More formatting options available here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Markdown#Example or https://www.markdownguide.org/basic-syntax

If you encounter any problems, please contact us.

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