Madam CJ Walker’s home to become a Think Tank for Women of Color Entrepreneurs

If you haven’t seen the Madam CJ Walker inspired mini-series, “Self Made”, on Netflix, please do! The cast did an amazing job, the cinematography was also amazing. My other current husband, 😂 Blair Underwood, stole quite a few scenes, but Miss Octavia Spencer, OMG, captured Madam CJ Walker’s spirit, determination and strength.

However, the story behind Annie Malone should have been more realistic as she was a ground-breaking, history making entrepreneur as well. Instead, Hollywood chose to tear one black woman down to build another one up. BOTH stories could have shared the screen, with an opportunity for a spin-off about the real Annie Malone’s story.

I have always loved the Madam CJ Walker story, and have been really intrigued by it, given she and my grandmother were born in the same city, and my grandmother also owned a hair salon in Lower 9th Ward in New Orleans. First female entrepreneur I ever met: my grandmother. And I couldn’t wait to see the Madam CJ Walker home for myself, especially after discovering the home was built by one of Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity’s founders, Vertner Woodson Tandy, the first African American registered architect in New York State!!! Their history is why I ignore all the noise from Jim Crow Benefactors and white nationalist, history revisionists!!

But YALL, this is big!! Madam CJ Walker huge!! 🥰

Look at the empowerment behind Madam CJ Walker’s home becoming a think tank:

1. Harold Doley (historic in his own right) and Helena Cobette Doley (equally historic as well), of New Orleans, bought Madam CJ’s home, restored it to its original beauty. Prior to The Doley’s purchase of home, house was saved from savage-ignore our history-developers, who wanted to buy home and demolish important history for condos. 🙄

Had I known a part of my hometown history was the current occupant when we visited the home just a few years ago, it would have been even more memorable.

2. Richelieu Dennis and his own self-made accomplishments:

3. — The New Voices Fund! VENTURE CAPITAL and mentoring BY Women of Color, FOR Women of Color! JUST. WOW. I can hear Madam CJ Walker dancing for joy now!

4. Madam CJ Walker’s historic home will now be open to the public.

I just fainted… My husband and I made a day out of visiting the home, which wasn’t open to the public. But we were thinking of all sorts of “borrow sugar” excuses to get. in. that. house. for a tour. 🤣 But the exterior of the home was just breathtaking on so many levels, especially knowing who built it.

I loved this person’s article about the home. It’s a fascinating home to see, and even more fascinating as others find out who she is. We knew WHO Madam CJ Walker was before seeing the home. Therefore, seeing the home, and her and her daughter’s burial site at Woodlawn Cemetery, along with other infamous persons buried in same area, was overwhelming, as well as the strength needed to not give up.

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