AVOID: List of Companies and Services Working Against Us, Not For Us

Hey, don’t say we didn’t warn you. If a company is on this list, it’s because the company lacks ethics and integrity, as well as sides with all that fights against our nation.

Persons on this list won’t listen to you, nor care about you, as long as you are funding them. Persons on this list donate to and support policies that work against you, and against equality, equal pay, women’s rights, environment, education, innovation and infrastructure, as well as common decency.

Latest AVOID News!

View newest additions to AVOID list, and why they've made "the list". If you're complaining about social injustices, inequality, economy, infrastructure neglect, predatory student loan actions, healthcare or any of the regressive-GOP policies, just keep in mind that money to these entities fund those same regressive-GOP policies.

Got info about a company or service that supports regressive policies?

If you have info regarding a company or service that supports regressive GOP policies, please share that information with us. Others may not be aware while funding the problem.

“You Ain’t Black!”

Just had a talk with four “blacks for trump”, none of them know each other, all are in four different areas of US. The conversations were strikingly familiar and disturbing.

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#GrabYourWallet and let these companies know that you will not be supporting them until they stop supporting the @NRA.

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An Open Letter To Nicole Malliotakis

Malliotakis needs to get out and tour areas represented by RED STATES, educate herself beyond her incendiary rhetoric. Nicole needs to visit, not just the office area of GOP representatives, but non-whites’ areas, as well as areas away from GOP representatives’ offices.

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AVOID: Dow Chemical

AVOID: Dow Chemical which knowingly uses a chemical known to cause neurological and developmental damage to children.

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Geico’s commercials may be funny, but there’s nothing funny about refusing to pay a claim, then working to cover up fraud.

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AVOID: Glamour Magazine

Boycott Glamour Magazine for honoring an actual rape abetter, Linda Fairstein, who savagely prosecuted CHILDREN for being black and in the park after dark, knowing they had nothing to do with a savage and brutal rape.

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AVOID: Google

Google is using technology built by non-racists for racist ideologists! Sign this petition demanding that Google fire Miles Taylor, a key advocate for Trump’s racist Muslim Ban and family separation policy.

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