An Open Letter To Nicole Malliotakis

This open letter is regarding the incendiary and false rhetoric from Nicole Malliotakis about Democrats and Democrat-led cities and states. Nicole has run, and considered running, for Lt. Governor, State Assembly, State Senate, U.S. Senate, Mayor, etc., etc., etc. She claims to be a “fighter of the people”, while speaking words of white nationalists, even as a Cuban-American.

cc: Max Rose (my representative)

I’m part NATIVE AMERICAN, and my black family has been in THIS country before SLAVERY, a history Nicole Malliotakis is willfully ignorant about, never sought to learn. So imagine what each generation of my family has seen, which includes racist, ignorant, garbage since 1699, after British defeated Dutch, and established “slave for life,” a policy and “institution” that has rioted and destroyed my family out of its homes for either being black, or being white and associating with non-whites. There were NO laws to protect my family, as my family was forced, after each attack, to migrate westward, or to free black societies.

Shockingly there were two US Congressional Fugitive Slave Acts, which led to free blacks being captured and sold into slavery. Therefore, Nicole Malliotakis campaigning to become a part of US Congressional history, while proudly standing with white nationalists and all that has fought against my country, concerns me, as well as the safety of others.

As Nicole Malliotakis wants to represent New York in U.S. Congress, before Nicole speaks more rhetoric, she should read this ONE book in her lifetime, The Shaping of Black America by Lerone Bennett, while pitching her “immigration” story of her family migrating to US, during Jim Crow, and taking advantage of whites/look white only, which wasn’t a struggle, as all her parents had to do: show up, while denying rights and options to others. The book isn’t just about “the blacks”, because I know that factor will prevent Nicole Malliotakis from reading it, based upon her pro-nationalism words. How I learned about The Shaping of Black America, in college as an elective! Since age 6, I also spent a lot of time reading in libraries, a place that Nicole Malliotakis clearly avoids, but wants others to follow her as leader, while she proudly presents information she obtained from white nationalists.

Because Nicole speaks about her family’s immigration as part of her “success”, while also speaking the same words of white nationalists, it’s ever clear that Nicole’s family would not have migrated to US, had there been a black leader, nor to any country with a black leader.

And because of Democratic women for equality, especially the ERA movement, which conservatives protested AGAINST, Nicole has the right to vote and hold public office.

And this is what we educated black people hear and think about, whenever Nicole opens her mouth to speak the words of white nationalism:

Black WWII Veteran Harvey E Clark, Jr. RIOTED out of his Cicero, Illinois home. Not one rioter charged, but builder owner charged for renting to a black person.

Nicole Malliotakis claims almost daily that Democrats destroy cities, Democrats cannot keep anyone safe, and that Democrats do not represent her version of the American dream, which involves pandering to white nationalism.

Side by side with Nicole’s slamming of Democrat-run cities, should be information about Mitch McConnell’s Kentucky, which has the highest welfare use in nation, in Owsley County, Kentucky, which is 99% white and 95% GOP, while McConnell and his wife are two of the wealthiest persons in our nation. And McConnell’s been Senator of the RED state since 1984.

Now, add extremist Rand Paul, a son of a klansman with klan newsletters, Ron Paul, as well as James Comer to the wallet-fattening, representation of one of the poorest states.

McConnell’s State of Kentucky – via

Then, there’s the state of Kansas after GOP Governor Sam Brownback: DESTROYED while leaving state completely unsafe, vulnerable, with decades of struggles ahead.

Malliotakis needs to get out and tour areas represented by RED STATES, educate herself beyond her incendiary rhetoric. Nicole needs to visit not just the office area of representatives, but non-whites’ areas, as well as areas away from representatives’ offices. Otherwise, all that she’s saying is simply racism, white nationalist, propaganda-based racism.

The most lavish thing in Red States is the confederate monument, plantation, OR the homes of GOP Governors, Attorney Generals, Mayors, State and US Senators, and State and US Representatives, while the rest of state looks like Kentucky!

Hatriotism is the RED STATES economy. I know, because I’ve received countless death and bomb threats from GOP members since 2008, for NOT hating liberals, poor (IRONY), non-whites, Democrats, LGBTQ, etc. And I used to be a registered Republican, until I saw the destruction of the once progressive William Sewardparty by confederates-kkk-to-GOP. I wasn’t raised to hate, and one of my NOLA childhood neighborhood members was the family of David Duke, so hating others would have been the same as David Duke, which my black business owning family avoided.

And yes, the same David Duke, who’s a member of your Nicole Malliotakis’ party, one of those former-kkk-Dems who jumped to GOP to protest AGAINST civil, voting and equal rights. Nicole Malliotakis’ words now parallel David Duke’s, and she wants to represent our voting area???!!!

David Duke has taken his crusade against Jews and non-Europeans to Russia, which he now sees as “the key to white survival.” (2001)

The other commerce from Red States: illegal guns, which are used for the commission of crimes, which also includes shooting law enforcement members. Nicole Malliotakis stands with her red state gun traffickers, while having audacity to claim sanctuary cities make others unsafe.

Blue states have jobs, EDU, arts, medical services, and infrastructure that GOP members flock to, then have audacity to deny others’ opportunities on the basis of “religious/conservative right to hate”. Nicole would never, ever live in a RED STATE, wouldn’t want to, unless she’s paid to live in a certain area, away from rest of state.

And, then there’s the fact that Proud Boys, a hate group, is directly associated with Brooklyn/Bay Ridge, Nicole Malliotakis’ represented area. And one crime Nicole excuses: nephew of her fellow party member who invited violent Proud Boys to NYC. The nephew attempted to kill two persons, literally drove to a BLUE STATE to commit the double crime.

And this GOP-represented, double-attempted murder incident happened after a 2010 incident, where a cop’s eye socket was broken.

As a niece of countless black and white law enforcement members, and wife of ex-NYC Police officer and retired FDNY FF, who is WHITE, and ironically of same pre-slavery Irish heritage (see book above that Nicole Malliotakis should educate yourself with), it’s my belief, that if you assault a cop, you’ll harm any one. Case proven by 2019 incident.

GOP’s violent Proud Boys, Ian Reilly, and Nicole’s colleague:

And now this, which Malliotakis is also tone deaf about:

And speaking of keeping others unsafe, here’s a Nicole Malliotakis fundraiser hosted bywife of mob boss: Were/are mobsters “girl and boy scouts”? Did/do mobsters murder anyone, destroy lives physically, financially and emotionally? Or is it just money from violent mobsters and extremist persons, including money from ill-gotten sources that Nicole Malliotakis feels most safe with?

Gregory “The Grim Reaper” Scarpa, Sr.

I’m endangering my life simply talking about Nicole Malliotakis’ inner circle!

So, please, Nicole Malliotakis, stop with the incendiary rhetoric about Democrats and Democrat leaders, and crime, while proudly standing for and with violent extremists, as that confirms you have no plan, but you are just a person whose job is to run for office, while saying and doing anything to pander to dangerous violence, extremism and white nationalists.

Tamra Cronin (a prolific voter, whose area you’re trying to represent)

Nicole for New York
P.O. Box 60487
Staten Island, NY 10306
To see Nicole’s constant racist, vile rhetoric and extremism, view her Twitter feed at any time:

Featured image is Council of Conservative Citizens Tony Perkins, speaking before a klan-based meeting. Perkins is part of the conservative-religious to hate policy makers in GOP, and is now an #impeachedtrump cabinet member. More about extremist Tony Perkins, whose words also parallel Nicole Malliotakis:

#blexit #walkaway #blackvoicesfortrump #blacksfortrump’s master, klansman Tony Perkins. ‘Memba South Carolina kkk Maurice Bessinger’s “religious right to hate”? Well, #blexit sits on Perkins lawn now.
About the author: Tamra Cronin

Official Stalker and Terrorizer of Cop Killers, Organized Criminals, White Collar Criminals, and Rapists,... and Their Coverups!
Official docs to back up this PROUD badge of honor, with special thanks to US Atty-SDNY Michael Gordon for declaring that white collar frauds and organized criminals "be scared of me", more than him!


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